RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

September, 2018


Arsenii Savitsky

Birth: April 25, 1992, Taganrog, Russia
Citizen of Russia
Address: Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems, RAS
119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax +74956512125, Phone +74991376820
e-mail: sao1992@mail.ru

Research interests

Magnetic multilayers, magnetic resonance


M.Sc. in Applied mathematics and physics (2014), MIPT
Ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic multilayers Fe/Cr/Gd, supervisor A.B. Drovosekov
B.Sc. in Applied mathematics and physics (2012), MIPT
Influence of overexpression of Jagged1 and mSCF in NIH3T3 cells on their ability to support hematopoiesis, supervisor A.V. Belyavsky

Professional activities

2012 - present: laboratory assistant researcher
P.L. Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems of RAS
2014 - 2018 postgraduate student ISSP RAS