RAS Kapitza Institute RUS
Sergey T. Boldarev
Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow

Address: KIPP RAS, 119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax: +74956512125
Phone: +74991370998
e-mail: boldarev@kapitza.ras.ru

Current research interests: cryogenics, surface phenomena, solid and liquid helium
List of publications Patents
Recent publications

  • Use of a quartz resonator of the tuning fork type as a thermometer in a dilution refrigerator
    IET 54(5), 740 (2011)
    co-authors: R.B. Gusev, S.I. Danilin, A.Ya. Parshin
  • Adiabatic Melting Experiment on Helium Mixtures: Status and Prospects
    JLTP (), (2017)
    co-authors: A. Sebedash, T. Riekki, J. Tuoriniemi
  • Putting in operation a full-scale ultracold-neutron source model with superfluid helium
    Technical Physics 62, 329 (2017)
    co-authors: A.P. Serebrov, V.A. Lyamkin, D.V. Prudnikov, K.O. Keshishev, A.V. Vasilev