RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

K.O. Keshishev

List of publications

  1. Mobility of Charges in Liquid Helium up to Solidification
    Sov. Phys. JETP 29,53 (1969)
    co-authors: Yu.Z. Kovdrya, L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, A.I. Shal'nikov

  2. Attempts at Observing Vacancions in 4He Crystals
    JETP Lett. 9, 306 (1969)
    JETP Lett. 12, 306 (1969)
    co-authors: A. Andreev, L. Mezhov-Deglin, A. Shal'nikov

  3. Induced Currents in 3He Crystals at High Field Intensities
    JETP Lett. 10, 274 (1969)
    co-authors: Yu.Z. Kovdrya, L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, A.I. Shal'nikov

  4. Measurement of Carrier Mobility in Liquid Hydrogen
    JETP Lett. 12, 159 (1970)
    co-authors: N.A. Gachechiladze, A.I. Shal'nikov

  5. Carrier Mobility in 4He Crystals
    JETP Lett. 12, 160 (1970)
    co-authors: L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, A.I. Shal'nikov

  6. Concerning the "Hardness" of Crystalline Helium
    JETP Lett. 17, 212 (1973)
    co-authors: L. Mezhov-Deglin, A. Shal'nikov

  7. Measuring of charge mobility in crystalline helium
    Low Temp. Phys. 1, 212 (1975)
    co-authors: L. Mezhov-Deglin, A. Shal'nikov
  • Charge movement in crystalline helium
    PhD thesis, IPP AS USSR (1976)
    Supervisor A.I. Shalnikov
  1. Charge movement in crystalline helium
    Sov. Phys. JETP 45,273 (1977)

  2. Mobility of charges in crystalline helium in strong electric fields
    Sov. Phys. JETP 45,1027 (1977)
    co-author A.E. Meierovich

  3. Experimental detection of crystallization waves in 4He
    JETP Lett30, 56 (1979)
    co-authors: A.Ya. Parshin, A.V. Babkin

  4. Crystallization waves in 4He
    Sov. Phys. JETP 53,362 (1981)
    co-authors: A.Ya. Parshin, A.V. Babkin
  • Surface Phenomena in Quantum Crystals
    in: Sov. Scientific Reviews; Sec. A: Physics Reviews, Ed. I.M. Khalatnikov (Harwood Academic, Chur) 4, 155 (1982)
    co-authors: A.Ya. Parshin, A.I. Shal'nikov

  • Morphology of the quantum crystals
    Doctor of Sciences thesis, IPP AS USSR (1984)
  1. Investigation of the equilibrium form of helium crystals in the vicinity of faceting phase transition
    JETP Lett. 39, 633 (1984)
    co-authors: A.V. Babkin, D.B. Kopeliovich, A.Ya. Parshin

  2. Roughening Transitions on the Helium Crystal-Superfluid Interface
    Appl. of Surface Science 22-23, 696 (1985)
    co-authors: A.V. Babkin, D.B. Kopeliovich, A.Ya. Parshin

  3. Roughening (faceting) transitions on the helium crystal-superfluid interface
    Paramana-J. Phys. 28, 591 (1987)
    co-authors: A.B. Babkin, D.B. Kopeliovich, A.Ya. Parshin

  4. Anisotropy of the surface stiffness of He4 crystals
    JETP Lett. 46,200 (1987)
    co-author O.A. Andreeva

  5. Anisotropy of growth coefficient and surface hardness of the He4 crystals
    JETP Lett. 49,759 (1989)
    co-authors: O.A. Andreeva, S.Yu. Osipyan

  6. Identification of the facets of 4He crystals
    JETP Lett. 52,164 (1990)
    co-author O.A. Andreeva

  7. Solid-superfluid 4He interface
    Physica Scripta T39, 352 (1991)
    co-author O.A. Andreeva

  8. Anisotropy of surface stiffness, growth-kinetics and roughening transition in 4He
    NATO Advanced Science Institute, Physics B257, 387 (1991)
    co-author O. Andreeva

  9. Growth kinetics of vicinal surfaces of He4 crystals
    Europhys. Lett. 19, 3316 (1992)
    co-authors: O.A. Andreeva, A.B. Kogan, A.N. Marchenkov

  10. Low damping of micron capillary waves on superfluid 4He
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 3316 (1995)
    co-authors: P. Roche, G. Deville, N.J. Appleyad, F.I.B. Williams

  11. Charge mobility anisotropy in hcp 4He crystals
    JETP Lett. 65, 95 (1997)
    co-authors: O.A. Andreeva and D.I. Kholin

  12. Charge transport in solid 4He
    JLTP 110, 89 (1998)
    co-authors: O. Andreeva, D. Kholin, P. Kossyrev

  13. Cavitation in superfluid helium-4 at low temperature
    Eur. Phys. J. B2, 293 (1998)
    co-authors: H. Lambare, P. Roche, S. Balibar, H.J. Maris, C. Guthmann, O.A. Andreeva, E. Rolley

  14. Charge transport and vacancy energy spectrum in hcp 4He
    Physica B284, 343 (2000)
    co-authors: O.A. Andreeva, A.D. Savishchev

  15. Critical behavior of the meniscus in helium crystals
    JETP Lett. 85 179 (2007)
    co-authors: V.N. Sorokin, D.B. Shemyatikhin

  16. Contact angle singularity in 4He crystals
    JLTP 150(3-4), 282 (2008)
    co-author D.B. Shemyatikhin

  17. Preparation of facilities for fundamental research with ultracold neutrons at PNPI
    Nuclear instruments&methods A611(2-3), 276 (2009)
    co-authors: A.P. Serebrov, V.A. Mityuklyaev, A.A. Zakharov, A.N. Erykalov, M.S. Onegin, A.K. Fomin, V.A. Ilatovskiy, S.P. Orlov, K.A. Konoplev, A.G. Krivshitch, V.M. Samsonov, V.M. Ezhov, V.V. Fedorov, S.T. Boldarev, V.I. Marchenko

  18. Project of the ultracold and cold neutron source at the WWR-M reactor with superfluid helium as a moderator
    Phys. Sol. St. 52 1034 (2010)
    co-authors: A.P. Serebrov, V.A. Mityukhlyaev, A.A. Zakharov, et al.

  19. Supersourse of ultracold neutrons at WWR-M reactor in PNPI and the research program of fundamental physics
    Physics Procedia 17 (2011)
    co-authors: A.P. Serebrov, S.T. Boldarev, A.N. Erykalov, et all.

  20. Study of the 4He crystal surface
    JETP 116 587 (2013)
    co-authors: V.I. Marchenko, D.B. Shemyatikhin

  21. Putting in operation a full-scale ultracold-neutron source model with superfluid helium
    Technical Physics 62, 329 (2017)
    co-authors: A.P. Serebrov, V.A. Lyamkin, D.V. Prudnikov, S.T. Boldarev, A.V. Vasilev

  22. Precritical Thermoacoustics in Helium
    JETP 133(6), 786 (2021)
    co-authors: V.I. Marchenko, E.R. Podolyak