RAS Kapitza Institute RUS
Lev A. Melnikovsky
Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow

Address: KIPP RAS, 119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax: +7(495)6512125
Phone: +7(499)1377985
e-mail: leva@kapitza.ras.ru

Current research: superfluidity
CV ResearherID: C-3683-2013 List of publications homepage
Recent publications
  • Influence of aerogel deformation on spin diffusion in liquid 3He: how to take correlations into account?
    Low Temperature Physics 44, 1074 (2018); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5055851
  • Equilibrium shape of 4He crystals near critical surface directions
    Phys. Usp. 61(11) (2018); DOI: 10.3367/UFNe.2017.12.038352
    co-author A.F. Andreev
  • Spin diffusion in liquid 3He confined in planar aerogel
    JETP Lett. 108(11), 754 (2018)
    co-authors V.V. Dmitriev, M.S. Kutuzov, B.D. Slavov, A.A. Soldatov, A.N. Yudin