RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

Aleksandr B. Manenkov
List of publications

  1. Dielectric tubes as a waveguide with small attenuation
    J. Tech. Phys. 3812, 2113 (1968) (in Russian)
    co-author V.N. Melekhin
  2. Excitation of open waveguides
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 13(5), 739 (1970) (in Russian)
  3. Open resonators with dielectric walls
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 144, 606 (1971) (in Russian).
  4. Hollow dielectrical and metal-dielectrical waveguides for the transmission of fast TE-modes
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 17(10), 1529 (1974) (in Russian)
    Yu.N. Kazantsev, O.A. Kharlashkin

  • PhD thesis, Physical Laboratory, IPP (1973), supervisors: L.A. Vainshtein, V.N. Melekhin
  1. Excitation of fast waves in open waveguides with dielectric walls
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 18(7), 1025 (1975) (in Russian)
  2. Excitation of open periodical waveguides
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 19(2), 263 (1976)
  3. Losses of asymmetrical modes in irregular open waveguides of small cross sections
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 19(4), 595 (1976)
  4. Attenuation of fast modes in dielectrical tubes
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 22(10), 2043 (1977) (in Russian)
  5. Propagation of the surface mode through an irregular section of thin dielectric waveguide
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 23(1), 33 (1978) (in Russian)
  6. Calculation of quasi-singlemodal optical fibers with selective reflecting claddings
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 24(7), 1282 (1979) (in Russian)
    co-author V.N. Melekhin
  7. Propagation of waves in open waveguides with anisotropic dielectrics
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 24(1), 84 (1979)
  8. Irregular magneto-optical waveguides
    IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech. 29(9), 906 (1981)
  9. Computation of Field in Coaxial Resonators
    Radio Engineering and Electronic Physics 27(10), 27 (1982)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  10. Propagation of the surface mode along a dielectric waveguides with an abrupt change of parameters. 1. Solution by the factoring method
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 25(11), 1329 (1982) (in Russian)
  11. Propagation of the surface mode along a dielectric waveguides with an abrupt change of parameters. 2. Solution by the variational method
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 25(12), 1484 (1982) (in Russian)
  12. On the EM-field Measurements in the RF-cavity
    Instruments & Experimental Technique 4, 154 (1982)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  13. Coaxial Resonator with a Thin Internal Conductor
    Soviet Journal of Communication Technology and Electronics 30(2), 33 (1985)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  14. Adaptive Collocation Method in 2D Diffraction Problems
    Radiophysics & quantum electronics 29(5) 557 (1986)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  • Excitation of open waveguides
    In: Lecture on Microwave Electronics and Radiophysics
    Saratov: SSU, part 1, 141 (1986) (in Russian)
    co-author L.A.Vainstein
  1. Diffraction of the surface mode by a dielectric tube end
    Izv. VUZov Radiofizika 303, 405 (1987) (in Russian) Vasilev A.D.
  2. Calculation Dielectric Waveguide using Collocation Technique
    Radiophysics and quantum electronics 31(1), 93 (1988)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  3. Calculation of an Open Resonator with a Waveguide between Mirrors
    Soviet Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 33(11), 115 (1988)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  4. Reflection from the Discontinuity of a Rectangular Dielectric Waveguide
    Radiophysics & quantum electronics 32(1), 90 (1989)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  5. The Convergence of Point-Matching Techniques
    IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 37(1) 50 (1989)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  6. Skin-effect in a wire of the square cross section
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 34(6), 1166 (1989) (in Russian)
    co-author A.V. Tikhomirov
  7. Coupled dielectric waveguides.
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 34(12), 2492 (1989) (in Russian)
    co-authors: A.I. Zhbanov, A.G. Rozhnev
  8. Skin-effect in a wire of the square cross section
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 34(6), 1166 (1989) (in Russian)
    co-author A.V. Tikhomirov
  9. Step discontinuities in dielectric waveguides (fibres)
    Optical Quantum Electron. 22(1), 65 (1990)
  10. Accuracy of approximation for fibre discontinuity analysis
    Optical Quantum Electron. 23(1), 81 (1991)
  11. Eigenmodes expansion in lossy open waveguides (fibres)
    Optical Quantum Electron. 23(5), 621 (1991)
  12. Reflection of the surface mode from an abruptly ended W-fibre
    IEE Proc. J139(2), 101 (1992)
  13. Reflection of the surface mode from an abrupt ended dielectric tube waveguide
    IEE Proc. J139(3), 194 (1992)
  14. Orthogonality relations for the eigenmodes of lossy anisotropic waveguides (fibres)
    IEE Proc. J140(3), 206 (1993)
  15. Method of Calculating Dielectric Waveguides (or Fiber Lightguides). Partial Methods (a Review)
    Radiotekhnika i elektronika 38(5), 769 (1993) (in Russian)
    co-authors: A.I. Kleev, A.G. Roznev
  16. Method of Calculating Dielectric Waveguides (or Fiber Lightguides). Universal Methods (a Review)
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 39(2), 90 (1994)
    co-authors: A.I. Kleev, A.G. Roznev
  17. Mode Interaction in Quasioptical Resonators
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 39(8), 49 (1994)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  18. Calculation of Quasi-Optical Resonators using Cross-Section Method
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 39(11), 1691 (1994)
    co-author A.I. Kleev
  19. Radiation modes of a fiber. 1. Construction and properties
    IEE Proceedings-Optoelectronics 141(5), 287 (1994)
  20. The Barrel Shaped Resonator for the Photon Storage Ring
    Nuclear Instruments&Methods in Physics Research A358(1-3), 362 (1995)
    co-authors: A.I. Kleev, H. Yamada
  21. Investigation of the Quasi-Optical Resonator for Free Electron Laser
    Nuclear Instruments&Methods in Physics Research A359(1-2), 63 (1995)
    co-authors: G.D. Bogomolov, A.I. Kleev
  22. The Eigenmodes of Quasi-Optical Barrel-Shaped Resonators
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 41(1), 39 (1996)
    co-authors: A.I. Kleev, H. Yamada
  23. Effect of Geometric Imperfections on Eigen modes of Barrel Shaped Resonators
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 41(3), 270 (1996)
    co-authors: A.I. Kleev, H. Yamada
  1. Calculation of dielectric waveguides near cutoff frequencies
    Radiotekhnika i Elektronika 42(7), 785 (1997)
    co-author A.G. Rozhnev
  2. Optical dielectric waveguide analysis based on the modified finite element and integral equation methods
    Optical Quantum Electronics 30(1), 61 (1998)
    co-author A.G. Rozhnev
  3. Comments on "on a misconception involving point collocation and the Rayleigh hypothesis"
    IEEE Transactions on Antennas&propagation 46(11) 1765 (1998)
  4. Pattern Equation Method for Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
    Journal of Applied Electromagnetism 2(1), 17 (1999)
    co-authors: A.G. Kyurkchan, A.I. Kleev, A.I. Sukov
  5. Scattering from an abruptly terminated asymmetrical slab waveguide
    J. Optical Society of America A16(3), 523 (1999)
    co-author I.G. Tigelis
  6. Fast and accurate reflectivity calculations for shaped core optical fibres
    Optical Quantum Electronics 32(11), 1245 (2000)
    co-authors: T.M. Benson, P.D. Sewell, P.C. Kendall
  7. Reflectivity proporties of an abruptly ended asymmetrical slab waveguide for the case of transverse magnetic modes
    J. Optical Society of America A17(1), 162 (2000)
    co-authors: G. Latsas, I.G. Tigelis, E. Sarri
  8. Analysis of mode scattering from an abruptly ended dielectric slab waveguide by an accelerated iteration technique
    J. Optical Society of America A17(12), 2249 (2000)
    co-authors: I.G. Tigelis
  9. Scattering of the transverse magnetic modes from an abruptly ended strongly asymmetrical slab waveguide by an accelerated integral equation technique
    J. Optical Society of America A18(12), 3110 (2001)
    co-authors: G.P. Latsas, I.G. Tigelis
  10. Applicability of scalar theory for analysis of mode reflection from an optical dielectric waveguide end
    Optical Quantum Electronics 33(12), 1195 (2001)
    co-authors: T.M. Benson, P.D. Sewell, P.C. Kendall
  11. Calculating the reflection of surface modes from the end of a planar nonsymmetrical waveguide by the method of accelerated iterations
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 46(11), 1235 (2001)
    co-author I.G. Tigelis
  12. Computation of wave diffraction in dielectric waveguides by the finite-difference time-domain method
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 47(11), 1188 (2002)
    co-authors: A.V. Brovko, V.E.Mityurin, A.G. Rozhnev
  13. FDTD-analysis of the Wave Diffraction from Dielectric Waveguide Discontinuities
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 35(4), 395 (2003)
    co-authors: A.V. Brovko, A.G. Rozhnev
  14. Electromagnetic wave scattering from the deformed end of a dielectric waveguide
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 48(5), 479 (2003)
    co-authors: A.V.Brovko, A.G. Rozhnev
  15. Diffraction of the guided mode of a dielectric waveguide by metal plates
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 49(3), 239 (2004)
    co-author A.V. Brovko
  16. Calculation of characteristics of a dielectric waveguide with an elongated cross section
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 49(6), 612 (2004)
    co-authors: M.V. Eliseev, A.G. Rozhnev
  17. A hybrid numerical method of solving the diffraction problem for a guided mode of a dielectric waveguide
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 49(8), 843 (2004)
    co-author A.V.Brovko
  18. Calculation of radiation modes by the Lanczos-Fourier expansion
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A21(9), 1740 (2004)
    co-authors: N.F. Dasyras, I.G. Tigelis, A.D. Tsigopoulos
  19. Reflectivity of buried slab waveguides
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A21(10), 2009 (2004)
    co-authors: P.G. Gerolymatos, I.G. Tigelis, A.J. Amditis
  20. Numerical analysis of radiation modes of planar waveguides
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 50(11), 1232 (2005)
    co-author I.G. Tigelis
  21. Analysis of leaky modes by a modified finite-element method
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 51(12), 1329 (2006)
    co-authors: M.V. Eliseev, A.G. Rozhnev
  22. On nonlinear tunnel effects
    Journal of Communication Technology and Electronics 52(7), 743 (2007)
  23. Influence of the refractive index core profile on modal scattering of terminated two-dimensional waveguides
    J. Optical Society of America A24(6), 1752 (2007)
    co-authors: Koukoutsaki P.A., Dasyras N.F. Tigelis I.G., and Amditis A.J.
  24. Leaky modes in a multi-layer waveguide with nonlinear dielectrics
    Izv. VUZ'ov-Applied Nonlinear Dynamics 16, 20 (2008) (in Russian)
  25. Letter to the editor: About the monograph Electrodynamics of Guiding Structures by A.A. Barybin
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 54(6), 241 (2009)
    co-author N.F. Kovalev
  26. Optical waveguide with nonlinear walls
    Optical Quantum Electronics 41, 169 (2009)
  • Leaky Modes of nonlinear wave guides
    Workshop on direct and inverse problems of electromagnetic and acoustic wave theory. Proceedings, p.68 (2009)
  1. Modes of a planar nonlinear-metamaterial waveguide
    Journal of Communications Technology&Electronics 56(9), 1069 (2011)
  2. The Dispersion Characteristics of Metamaterial Waveguide Modes
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electroincs 57, 983 (2012)
  3. Proper and improper modes of the left-handed material waveguides
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 44, 717 (2012)
  4. Abruptly terminated planar left-handed material waveguide
    Optical&Quantum Electronics 45, 529 (2013)
  5. Reflaction of a surface mode from the end of a planar metamaterial waveguide
    Journal of Communication Technology&Electronics 58, 1157 (2013)
  6. Scattering of modes by the end of a diaphragm-loaded planar dielectric waveguide
    Journ. Communications Technology&Electronics 59, 952 (2014)
    co-authors: P.G. Gerolymatos, I.G. Tigelis
  7. Wave Propagation along a Diffuse Boundary of a Metamaterial
    Journ. Communications Technology & Electronics 60(4), 321 (2015)
  8. Modes propagating along diffuse LHM boundaries
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 48(2), 173 (2016)
  9. Reflection of the transverse magnetic modes from an abruptly ended LHM slab waveguide
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  10. Scattering of surface modes propagating along metamaterial interface
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  11. Regular and Irregular Planar Metamaterial Waveguides on Metal Substrates
    Journ. Communications Technology & Electronics 64(6), 542 (2019)