RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

Sergey Sosin
List of publications

  1. Influence of a diamagnetic impurity on the magnetic properties of the noncollinear antiferromagnet RbNiCl3
    Sov. Phys. JETP 81, 185 (1995)
    co-authors: M.E. Zhitomirskii, O.A. Petrenko, S.V. Petrov and L.A. Prozorova

  2. Influence of a nonmagnetic impurity on the properties of the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet CsNiCl3
    Sov. Phys. JETP 85, 114 (1997)
    co-authors: I.A. Zaliznyak, L.A. Prozorova, Yu.M. Tsipenyuk and S.V. Petrov

  3. Investigation of the hyperfine interaction in the antiferromagnetic CsMnI3
    Sov. Phys JETP 85, 1035 (1997)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, D.V. Efremov and S.V. Petrov

  4. Nonmagnetic impurities in 1D and 3D triangular antiferromagnets
    Physica B284, 1629 (2000)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, I.A. Zalizniak
  • Magnetic defects in quasi-1D antiferromagnets
    Ph.D. Thesis in Physics, Kapitza Institute (2000)
    Supervisor Prof. L.A. Prozorova
  1. Thermal and magnetic properties of defects in the spin-gap compound NaV2O5
    Phys. Rev. B 63, 014412 (2001)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, R. Calemczuk, C. Paulsen, M. Isobe and Y. Ueda

  2. The magnetic ordering in the mixed valence compound α-Na0.33V2O5
    Phys. Rev. B 64, 174403 (2001)
    co-authors: N. Vasil'ev, V.I. Marchenko, A.I. Smirnov, H. Yamada and Y. Ueda

  3. Magnetic resonance in a dilute quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet CsNi1-XMgXBr3
    Sov. Phys. JETP 94, 119 (2002)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, G.V. Pupkov and S.V. Petrov

  4. Low temperature magnetic properties of geometrically frustrated Gd2Sn2O7 and Gd2Ti2O7
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15, 7777 (2003)
    co-authors: Bonville, J.A. Hodges, M. Ocio, J.-P. Sanchez, P. Vulliet and D. Braithwaite

  5. Magnetic Properties of Defects in Spin-Gap Magnets
    JETP Lett. 77, 442 (2003)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov and V.N. Glazkov

  6. Magnetic resonance of the RbMnBr3 antiferromagnet under pressure
    JETP Lett. 77, 680 (2003)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova and S.V. Petrov

  7. New magnetic states in copper metaborate CuB2O4
    JETP Lett. 78 569 (2003)
    co-authors: A.I. Pankrats, G.A. Petrakovskii, M.A. Popov, K.A. Sablina, L.A. Prozorova, G. Szimczak, R. Szimczak, M. Baran

  8. Comparative Study of ESR Spectra in Incommensurate Antiferromagnets
    JETP Lett. 79, 91 (2004)

  9. New magnetic states in crystals
    Physics-Uspekhi 48, 83 (2005)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, A.I. Smirnov

  10. Magnetocaloric effect in pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Ti2O7
    Phys. Rev. B 71, 094413 (2005)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, A.I. Smirnov, A.I. Golov, I.B. Bercutov, O.A. Petrenko, G. Balakrishnan and M.E. Zhitomirsky

  11. Adiabatic demagnetization of a pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Ti2O7
    JMMM 290 SI709-711(1) (2005)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, A.I. Smirnov, et al.

  12. Magnetic resonance in a pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Ti2O7
    Phys. Rev. B 73, 212402 (2006)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, L.A. Prozorova, G. Balakrishnan and M.E. Zhitomirsky

  13. Low-energy spin dynamics of Heisenberg pyrochlore magnets
    JMMM 310(2), 1590 (2007)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, L.A. Prozorova, et al.

  14. Spin dynamics of NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2 in the field-induced ordered phase
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 092413 (2008)
    co-authors: S.A. Zvyagin, J. Wosnitza, A.K. Kolezhuk, V.S. Zapf, M. Jaime, A. Paduan-Filho, V.N. Glazkov and A.I. Smirnov

  15. Spin dynamics of the pyrochlore magnets Gd2Ti2O7 and Gd2Sn2O7 in the paramagnetic state
    Phys. Rev. B 77, 104424 (2008)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, A.I. Smirnov, P. Bonville, G. Jasmin-Le Bras and O.A. Petrenko

  16. Low-frequency spin dynamics of the frustrated pyrochlore magnet Gd2Ti2O7
    Journ. of Physics CS150, 042188 (2009)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, V.N. Glazkov, et al.

  17. Low-energy excitations in DTN below Tc: ESR studies
    Journ. of Physics CS150, 042244 (2009)
    co-authors: S.A. Zvyagin, J. Wosnitza, A.K. Kolezhuk, et al.

  18. Magnetic excitations in the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Sn2O7 studied by electron spin resonance
    Phys. Rev. B 79, 014419 (2009)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, P. Bonville and M.E. Zhitomirsky

  19. Magnetic excitations in the XY-pyrochlore antiferromagnet Er2Ti2O7
    Phys. Rev. B 82, 094428 (2010)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, O.A. Petrenko, et al.

  20. Magnetic phases in a Gd2Ti2O7 pyrochlore for a field applied along the [100] axis
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 180412(R) (2012)
    co-authors: O.A Petrenko, V.N. Glazkov, et al.

  21. Magnetic field driven 2D-3D crossover in the S=12 frustrated chain magnet LiCuVO4
    Phys. Rev. B91, 174410 (2015)
    co-authors: L.A. Prozorova, L.E. Svistov, N. Buttgen, J.B. Kemper, A.P. Reyes, S. Riggs, A. Prokofiev, and O.A. Petrenko

  22. Unusual magnetic excitations in the weakly ordered spin-12 chain antiferromagnet Sr2CuO3: Possible evidence for Goldstone magnon coupled with the amplitude mode
    Phys. Rev. B95, 020411(R) (2017)
    co-authors: E.G. Sergeicheva, L.A. Prozorova, G.D. Gu, and I.A. Zaliznyak

  23. Unexpected magnetic phase in the weakly ordered spin-1/2 chain cuprate Sr2CuO3
    Phys. Rev. B101, 201107(R) (2020)
    co-authors: E.G. Sergeicheva, D.I. Gorbunov, S. Zherlitsyn, G.D. Gu, and I.A. Zaliznyak

  24. Strongly anisotropic magnetocaloric effect in a dipolar magnet LiGdF4
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 589, 171600 (2024)
    co-authors: G.Iu. Andreev, I.V. Romanova, O.A. Morozov, S.L. Korableva, R.G. Batulin, V.N. Glazkov