RAS Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RUS

Evgeny V. Surovtsev

List of publications

  1. Parametric instability in uniform spin precession in superfluid 3He-B
    JETP Letters 83, 410 (2006)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  2. Suhl instability as a mechanism of the catastrophic relaxation in the superfluid 3He-B
    JLTP 148(5-6), 148 (2007)

  3. Model Calculation of Orientational Effect of Deformed Aerogel on the Order Parameter of Superfluid 3He
    JLTP 150, 487 (2008)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  4. Low-temperature stability limit of the coherent spin precession in 3He-B
    JETP Letters 90, 211 (2009)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  5. Effect of a uniaxially deformed aerogel on the orientation of the order parameter of superfluid 3He
    JETP 108, 616 (2009)

  6. Low-temperature instability of uniform spin precession in the B-phase of pure 3He and 3He in an aerogel
    JETP 111, 184 (2010)
    co-author I.A. Fomin
  • Chaotic disturbances in the superfluid phases of 3He
    PhD thesis, Kapitza Institute (2010), supervisor Prof. I.A. Fomin
  1. Coherent reaction of Fermi superfluid on correlated disorder
    Phys. Rev. B86, 144523 (2012)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  2. The distorted axi-planar superfluid phase of 3He in the "nematically ordered" aerogel
    JETP Lett. 97, 644 (2013)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  3. Surface-Induced Order Parameter Distortion in Superfluid 3He-B Measured by Nonlinear NMR
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 235304 (2013)
    co-authors: L.V. Levitin, R.G. Bennet, E.V. Surovtsev, J.M. Parpia, B. Cowan, A.J. Casey, J. Sounders.

  4. B-phase of 3He with polar distortion in ordered aerogel
    JETP 119, 1088 (2014)
    co-authors: V.V. Dmitriev, A.A. Senin, A.A. Soldatov, A.H. Yudin

  5. Deformed aerogels in the superfluid 3He
    Phys. Rev. B92, 064509 (2015)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  6. Local structure of ordered and disordered states of 3He-A in aerogel
    Phys. Rev. B96, 134203 (2017)
    co-author I.A. Fomin

  7. Phase diagram of superfluid 3He in a nematic airogel in a strong magnetic field
    JETP 128(3), 477 (2019)

  8. Thermodynamic Properties of Superfluid 3He in a Nematic Aerogel in a Strong Magnetic Field
    JETP 129(6), 1055 (2019)

  9. Potential Flow of Superfluid 3He through a Nematic Aerogel of Spherical Shape
    JETP 133(4), 477 (2021)