July 1996. Near Yaroslavl.
Do you see two beings here? I am on the left. If you wish
to contact the right one, try horse's information center.
First Name:  Lev
Middle Name: Alexandrovich
Second Name: Melnikovsky
Born:        1975, July 14 in Dushanbe

  I'm currently (1997-...) a postgraduate student (aspirant) of P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problem (IPP). Prior to that I studied in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), faculty of General and Applied Physics. I was admitted in 1991 and graduated from it in 1997. Going deeper in my educational history, one will find school number 5 of Dolgoprudny (as it was once translated "Long-Lake-City"). It is definitely very good school, I hope new generation of its students will create a web page for our alma mater some time soon (hey, guys, do you read it?). Meanwhile, you can contact me personally if you have questions about it. Attempt to enumerate other schools I studied at will result in a set {1121 (Moscow), 248 (Moscow), 8 (Dushanbe)}. There're several other, highly respected, educational institutions, I have had some relation to - Moscow State University, Faculty of biology  and Moscow school number 57.

  Actually I have no idea if I can type something more... Suggestions? Comments? Feel free to contact me either via e-mail or by phone (095)-400-3588 or (095)-137-7985.

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