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3 monographs, about 90 published papers and 20 patents


Subjects of Special Interest and Proposals

Cryogenic reciprocating expansion engines

1. Expansion engines' cycle

The parameters (pressure and temperature) of the expander cycle characteristic points were described and proposed the equations for calculating and methods for measuring [1.1, 1.2, 1.3].

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2. Expansion engine-liquefier

The air and helium expander-liquefier designs were created and researched together with cryogenic plants. The cryogenic plant capability was increased on 25- 30 % [2.1, 2.2, 2.3].

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3. Reciprocating expansion engines new designs The new helium expansion engine designs with valves pneumatic and electromagnetic drive and electromagnetic powder brake was created and researched

    [3.1]. The automatic electron control valves system was researched and tested together with helium expansion engine-liquefier [3.2].

    [3.1] V.S.Bogdanov, I.K.Butkevitch, E.A.Dokshitzki, Yu.I.Dukhanin "Creation and research of the helium reciprocating expansion engine with valves electromagnetic drive" Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, N7, 1980,p.12-13 (in Russian)

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4. Cryogenic systems transition modes The original methods to compute the quasistatic and dynamic modes of the cryogenic system heat exchangers were proposed [4.1, 4.2]. The cryogenic systems transition mode research were fulfilled [4.3, 4.4, 4.5] both computation and experimentally.

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Cryogenic systems for large superconducting units

5. The tokamaks cryogenic helium systems

The cryogenic helium system for the first superconducting Tokamak (T-7) was desinged, studied and tested [5.1, 5.2]. The magnet systems test bench cryogenic helium system was made and studied [5.1, 5.3]. As a result, 14 toroidal field coils of Tokamak-15 superconducting magnet were tested [5.1]. Then the unique cryogenic helium system for T-15 superconducting magnet was proposed and realized [5.1]. The cooldown and steady-state operation of this system together with T-15 magnet system were studied [5.1, 5.4]. At last, the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) cryogenic system conceptual design was proposed using the test and working experience [5.5].

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6. Accelerators cryogenic systems

The conceptual design of the large extended cryogenic systems was proposed [6.1], the analysis of UNK-3000 cryogenic system efficiency and reliability was fulfilled and optimum composition and disposition of cryogenic plants were proved [6.2].

    [6.1] I.K.Butkevitch, N.M.Grigorenco, I.E.Dudkin et al. "Cryogenic Cooling and Maintenance Systems of the Superconducting Magnets of Big Accelerators" Proceedings of 111 Intern. ICFA Workshop "Possibilities and Limitations for Superconducting Accelerator Magnets", Protvino, USSR, 1981, p.135-145 (in English).

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7. The perspective tendencies of the cryogenic helium systems progress

The new high effective and high reliability cryogenic helium systems were proposed [7.1, 7.2, 7.3]. The original solution for compression helium in centrifugal compressors was proposed. The addition amont of R-13 (R-14) reuired into helium permits not only to increase the compression stage of a cryogenic unit efficiency and reliability and to use R-13 throttle-effect for cooling of helium gas in the preliminary stage of cryogenic plants [7.4]. The two-circuit cryogenic helium systems with sattelites were analysed and tested as efficiency and the most reliability cryogenic systems for large superconducting units [7.5, 7.6]. The ejector final stages of cryogenic helium plants were studied as instrument for fall of temperature and increase of helium circulation throooough cooled canals [7.6, 7.7].

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