RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

Valerian S. Edelman
D.Sc., Advanced Research Fellow

Address: KIPP RAS, 119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax: +7(495)6512125
Phone: +7(499)
e-mail: edelman@kapitza.ras.ru

Current research: Low temperature STS/STM, development of dilution micro refrigerator
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Recent publications
  • The use of RuO2 resistors as broadband low-temperature radiation sensors
    IET 59(4), 621 (2016)
    co-author S.A. Lemzyakov
  • The Andreev conductance in superconductor–insulator–normal metal structures
    JETP 124(4), 643 (2017)
    co-authors: A.V. Selivestrov, M.A. Tarasov
  • Electrical and optical properties of a bolometer with a suspended absorber and tunneling-current thermometers
    Applied Physics Letters 110(24), 242601 (2017)
    co-authors: M. Tarasov, S. Mahashabde, M. Fominsky, S. Lemzyakov, A. Chekushkin, R. Yusupov, D. Winkler, A. Yurgens