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  Well, this is my homepage! To say truth I have never written an HTML document before, so please be gentle. If you have questions or suggestions you are absolutely welcome to drop me a message. I don't dare to type here " under construction " since I have no definitive idea when this " construction " take place.


  If you wish to know more about myself, you can find here some personal information.

Software links and resources

  Computers are reasonable part of our life. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately?) they want to be fed with information. You can find some software here - written for personal amusement and public usage (and vice versa).

Physics related

  You might be interested in reading our article (written together with S.Kriminski) Effect of an electric field on the surface tension of a liquid at low temperatures. (JETP 84 (4), pp. 758-759 (1997)).
  More on this topic to come some time soon (I suppose some kind of physics problems collection, any suggestion?).


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