E.L.Kosarev, June 1997

Doctor of Science, Head Scientist,
Head for computing at P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems,
Russian Academy of Sciences


P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems,
ul.Kosygina, 2, Moscow 117334, Russia

Tel. N/A
Fax: N/A
Email: N/A


Education, Degrees

1997 - Associate Professor in Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology

1995 - Doctor of Science (Habilitation) - Application of Computers and Mathematics in Scientific Research, JINR, Dubna

1971 - Candidate's degree (equivalent to a Ph.D.) in physics and mathematics, P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems

1962 - Diploma in physics (equivalent of a master's degree), Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT)


Employment History

1956-1962: Undergraduate Student of MIPT

1962 - present: Engineer, Postgraduate Student, Jr Scientist, Senior Scientist, Head for computing - P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems


Research Visits to World Physics Laboratories

1980, 1988 - Daresbury Laboratory, UK
1982 - CERN, Switzerland
1989-1990 - Photon Factory, KEK, Japan


Subjects of Special Interest

Experimental Physics Inverse Problems for applications in X-ray detectors, any kind of spectroscopy, high energy physics particle detectors, muon spin rotation experiments, 1D and 2D signal RECOVERY, etc ...



1 Review Paper, 1 Textbook, 63 original journal publications.


Selected Papers

1. The numerical solution of Abel's integral equation.
USSR Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics., Vol.13, No.6, pp. 271-277, 1973
Text of article (pdf)
2. Application of the 1-st Kind Integral Equations in Experimental Physics.
Computer Physics Communications, Vol.20, No.1, pp. 69-75, 1980
Text of article (pdf)
3. A new method for recovering the space distribution of globular cluster stars, applied to flare stars in the Pleades.
Sov. Astron. Lett., Vol.6(4), pp.226-229, 1980
Text of article (pdf)
4. Optimal Smoothing of Noisy Data by Fast Fourier Transform.
E.L.Kosarev and E.Pantos.
J. Phys. E.: Sci. Instrum., Vol.16, pp.537-543, 1983
Text of article (pdf) © 1983 IOP Publishing Ltd
On-line demonstration
5. High resolution soft X-ray spectrum reconstruction by MWPC attenuation measurements.
E.L.Kosarev, V.D.Peskov and E.R.Podolyak.
NIM, Vol.208, pp.637-645, 1983
6. Shannon's superresolution limit for signal recovery.
Inverse Problems, Vol.6, No.1, pp.55-76, 1990
Text of article (PDF) © 1990 IOP Publishing Ltd
7. Programs for signal recovery from noisy data using the maximum likelihood principle.
V.I.Gelfgat, E.L.Kosarev, and E.R.Podolyak.
Computer Physics Communications, Vol.74, No.3, Part 1: General description, pp.335-348, Part 2: Program implementation, pp.349-357, 1993
Text of article (pdf)
8. Superresolution algorithms in discrete detectors and its testing for the silicon drift detectors data.
E.A.Kolganova, E.L.Kosarev, and G.A.Ososkov.
Proc. International conference CHEP'97, Berlin, April 1997, paper A198: pp.35-38
full text of report
9. Using comb-like instrumental functions in high-resolution spectroscopy.
A.S.Kaminskii, E.L.Kosarev, and E.V.Lavrov.
Meas.Sci.Technol. Vol.8, No.8, pp.864-870, 1997
Text of article (pdf) © 1997 IOP Publishing Ltd
10. A new calculation technique of muonium formation rate.
E.L.Kosarev, and E.P.Krasnoperov.
Report to the International Conference "Modern Trends in Computational Physics", Dubna, Russia, June 1998
full text of report
11. Josephson spectroscopy at submillimeter waves
M.Tarasov, A.Shul'man, N.Solopov, O.Polyansky, A.Vystavkin, E.Kosarev, D.Golubev, E.Stepantsov, M.Darula, O.Harnak and Z.Ivanov
Supercond. Sci. Technol., v.12, No.11, pp.995-997, 1999
Text of article (pdf) © 1999 IOP Publishing Ltd
12. Kinetics of muonium formation in liquid helium
E.L.Kosarev, E.P.Krasnoperov
JETP Letters, v.69, No.3, pp.273-280, 1999
Text of article (pdf)
13. A new calculation technique of muonium formation rate
E.L.Kosarev and E.P.Krasnoperov
Computer Physics Communications, v.126, No.1-2, pp.93-100 (2000)
Text of article (pdf)
14. Superresolution algorithms for data analysis of discrete detectors in nuclear physics
E.A.Kolganova, E.L.Kosarev, and G.A.Ososkov
Nuclear Instruments and Methods In Physics Research, Section A, v.443, No.2-3, pp.464-477 (2000)
Preprint September 20, 1999 (Gzipped PS), Text of article (pdf)
15. Superresolution Chromatography
E.L.Kosarev, K.O.Muranov
Instruments and Experimental Techniques, v.44, No.5, pp.638-643, 2001
Text of article (pdf) - in English
Text of article (pdf) - in Russian
16. Deconvolution problems and superresolution in Hilbert-transform spectroscopy based on a.c. Josephson effect
E.L.Kosarev, A.Ya.Shul'man, M.A.Tarasov, T.Lindstroem
Computer Physics Communications, v.151, No.2, pp.171-186 (2003)
Text of article (pdf)
17. Chromatography + RECOVERY = superresolution chromatography
E.L.Kosarev, K.O.Muranov
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, v.502, pp.764-767 (2003)
Text of article (pdf)
18. Summary talk - V section with addendum: A remark on optimal histogram binning
NIM A, v.502, pp.827-828 (2003)
Text of article (pdf)
19. Textbook: Experimental Data Treatment Methods (in Russian)
"Fiztekh-Poligraf", Moscow, 2003. ISBN 5-7417-0216-3
More information about this book
20. Hilbert-Transform Spectroscopy Based on the a.c. Josephson Effect.
Theory and Computational Technique

A.Ya.Shul'man, E.L.Kosarev, and M.A.Tarasov
Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics, v.48, No.10, pp.1124-1136 (2003)
Text of article (pdf) - in English
Text of article (pdf) - in Russian
21. Limits and Accuracy in Measurements
G.A.Ososkov, E.L.Kosarev
"Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) 2004"
Full text (pdf)


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